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Personal Branding is a Unique Combination of your skills and knowledge. Which really makes you Unique from the Crowd. Personal branding is all about the efforts you are putting to influence the people on Digital Platforms. Strong Personal Branding allows you to Gain Trust of Perspective Clients and Employers. Personal Branding is not a process that can be done Overnight. You need to invest your time, money, Knowledge and Skills. To Grow the Business Building Strong Personal Brand is a pretty Common Idea. Because people Love to follow the people instead of following a Brand/Business/Company or an Organization.
According to Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon "Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” That means personal Branding is mainly about your Skills, Knowledge and Attitude. It is all about How your Audience is Experiencing you. In Other Word, Personal Branding is all about your Personality.
A Strong Personal Brand Act as an advocate for the people who are looking for the Product or service you are offering. A Strong PersonalBrand Helps you to achieve your goal as well as to manifest Positive impact on your perspectives. A Strong Personal Brand Requires Reality, Uniqueness and Creativity. To Remain your personal brand strong you must need to be updated with knowledge and skills.
When you are on the mission to build your personal brand then it is necessary that you make your strong position on as much as possible platforms. Because each platform has a different audience so that you can reach out to more people but at the same time it is also the truth that if you have just started to build your personal brand then strat from the single platform. Be Consistent on that platform and then gradually start the other platforms. Otherwise, it may increase your stress and also require a very big budget to start on all the platforms. And there is a Higher Chances that you get fail but yes you need to apply all the digital marketing tactics o get the better results.
To make stronger personal brand it is important that you invest your money and time to upgrade your knowledge, skill, personality and also for the good content. But Don't take any stress you are at the perfect place to gain your knowledge. Unique Business Marketer Nirali Shah is always with you in this Journey. Let's Grow Together.

Top Benefits of Personal Branding

Personal Branding is all about...

There are 3 main things you need to do while using personal Branding to grow your Business.

How To Build A Strong Personal Branding Strategy?

We are Ahmedabad's Unique and Creative Personal Branding Strategy Maker and Service Provider.
Small Businesses | Individuals | Students | Housewife | Job Seekers | Doctor | Any person Having a Good skill Can Join us

Define your Niche

to define your niche it is important to identify and figure out what you love? what is your passion? what you are best at? what makes you unique? based on your experience and qualification. what is that things for which you can think or write unlimited, you can guide people about it. by answering this question you can define your niche and them make a proper strategy.

Define your channel

it is becoming crucial to identify the best channel because There are too many platforms in this digital era. I see many people that they start uploading content on all the channel. and then they feel stress. so, don't rush I advice start with a single channel, be consistent and then start another channel, be consistent on both the channel this way slowly start other channels.

Define your audience

by defining the right audience the reach of your content goes to the right prospects this way right audience target helps you to make strong and faster sells. select your audience based on your location, gender (age, gender. education...), interest, behaviour and connections of your audience. so, this way indirectly defining the correct audience can increase your brand revenue.

Focus on Short Term Goal

I know you Get Suprise for why I am saying to focus on short term goal. but here I am saying this because to complete our long term goal we require many other resources for that we require instant money. for this Money we need to focus on short term Goal. Ultimately it will help you to achieve your long term and Big Goal.

Fix Your Budget

Always Budget is very important. For Good Result Invest For Good Agency, Best Consultant, Best Tools, Good Collaboration and very important to learn new things and best strategy. Many times I see people they are just doing without having a proper plan and testing their money. So Make a Good Budget which actually Gives the best Result.

Create your Unique Statement

It is more important to create your Vision, mission, show your brand's specific values, show your brand's personality, create best slog and statement which actually state who you are? How you can help your Audience? How your product or service can solve your prospects problems and give them a unique solution to show your uniqueness.

Provide Value

Show your Expertise by creating Great Content. people always love to be informative. so provide as much as possible value to your audience by creating highly valuable content. You can create content as a storyteller, listicles, important statistics, myth vs facts, motivational, festival, special days, Current affairs and many more in the form of text, infographic, audio and video.


to gain trust and build confidence in your audience consistency is most required. consistency develops your routines and builds the momentum. Consistency will lead to progress, which can speed up the accomplishment of what we want. Anthony Robbins said: “It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives." consistency is one of the measures of your success.

Be real

many people think that for marketing you can tell any kind of story to the people but trust people "ye Janta sab Janti hai" Being the true and authentic version of yourself is the only way to really create a business that aligns with you and your needs. Authenticity is the quality of being the true you. we unique business marketer believe that #BeReal #beUnique #Becrative.


there are too many ways of networking. yes, it is true that a bigger network can give you more business but we believe that network with the right people can give you the business. for good and authentic networking you need the right strategy to practice. for the right networking, you need to focus on your way of communication and your conversations.

make proper sales funnel

Do you want to know why sales funnel is important for your business?funnel is a useful model to visualize the customer journey from all the stages starting from awareness, consideration and conversion. a proper sales funnel helps you to know how you can and at which stage and with what product or service you can relate to your prospects. which leads to more sales.

Regular Audit

the audit is the inspection of your work. continuous monitoring is more important to make the right changes in marketing activity. you need to monitor which things are properly working and which are not. identify the weaker marketing practices and make a proper audit report. these audit reports are the benchmark of your future marketing strategy. it will help you to improve your performance.

Why Unique Business Marketer for your Personal branding?

Personal Branding is all about your creativity and uniqueness. We Believe a good personal brand is an essential tool to influence people and to create a powerful impression in people's mind. Whatever Value you are providing in your online space in the form of text, audio, video or infographic will create your image in your audience. so, it is very important that what value and how that message you convey to your audience.
When people come to the unique business marketer for their personal branding then we believe it is our responsibility to give you the best result. it is our responsibility to transform your business in a positive way. we always made a tailor-made strategy by keeping in mind our client's Objective, Goal and most important Budget and we always try to give you the utmost value. we always keep ourself under-promise.
After listening to our client in deep we made a complete roadmap including their short term and long term goal. and we believe it is our best thing which makes us unique from the competition. and it is one of the reasons we call ourself Unique Business Marketer. our try is always that our strategy enables you to create your powerful impression in your prospects. we ensure you that we will use the right strategy, right tools and right techniques because we value our impression and your money. and also this practice helps us to reduce negative impact for your and ours brand.

Who can Build Personal Brand?

We are Ahmedabad's Unique and Creative Personal Branding Strategy Maker and Service Provider.
Small Businesses | Individuals | Students | Housewife | Job Seekers | Doctor | Any person Having a Good skill Can Join us

Doctor / Health Care


Coaching Institute / Teacher

restaurant / cook/ chef

beautician/ saloon

Fashion Designer



Motivational Speaker

business Coach

Nutrition consultant


Real estate professional

Insurance Advisor

IT professional

what out client says about unique business marketer

If I had to choose one word to describe Nirali at Unique Business Marketer it would be, “Always.” Always available, always professional, always on time, always budget-conscious, always conscientious, and always easy to work with. I was really impressed with their lightening quick understanding of our Services and ability to produce original, clever and meaningful posts….!!!!
She is very hardworking by nature..!!
Thanks for my all digital marketing works….!!! 5 star rating… *****

Dr. Vaibhav Patel
Dr. Vaibhav Patel (MBBS, DNB Ortho)
Owner and Founder of Ved Multispeciality Hospital

Very interesting and intelligent tips for my personal marketing. The way she explains tips are amazing and very useful. Surely will recommend this service to everyone. She truely defines the new ways of advertising and marketing…!

Best Personal branding strategy creator in ahmedabad
Dr. Jwalant Patel
Orthopedic Consultant and minimally invasive Spine Surgeon

Highly Recommended. Don’t hesitate to contact Nirali madam. Great service and result oriented approach

Sejal Khunt
Shopify Theme Creator

Personal Branding Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Is It Important To Businesses For Their Employees To Have Strong Personal Brands?

Remember your each and every employee has a different quality. and people Love to follow a person instead of a brand. when your employee builds a personal brand your brand gain more respect. and the very important thing is every employee can build a different audience. this way you have a huge chance to influence different people. to reach different people. and it will give you the opportunity to increase your business.

Who can Build Personal Brand?

Anyone can build personal brand doesn’t matter you are a Business man, free lancer, employee, student or a house wife. if you have any special skill you can build your personal brand. if you are a Doctor, lawyer, teacher, any kind of consultant, free lancer, artist, beautician, motivational coach, business coach, chef, painter, singer, comedian and many more you can build your personal brand.  

How personal Branding Helps Employee?
if you are a employee you can build your personal brand. because by building strong personal brand you can influence the people and you can offer a service or product which your company have. and this way you can increase your company’s customer base. when your company benefitted you will be recognised. and there are also other opportunities like you can monetise your profile without breaking your comany rule or customer base.
How personal Branding Helps Student?
it is good you start your personal brand when you are studying. Your personal brand works as your resume. people started to know before you enter in the filed. you will get higher placements chances and you can open the door of your professional journey.
How personal Branding Helps Housewife?
if you are a house wife and you have any special skill which you can do from your home like you can teach students online, you can made and sell cooking course any other course. this way you can earn by handling your home too. and you can make your Unique Identity and also can earn some Money without disturbing your Home Duties. yes but the hardwork is definitely required.
Is it Good to start Personal Branding with all the channels?
well at initials it’s recommended not to start with all channels to reduce your work stress. start with one channel, be consistent on that then start another channel and gradually increase the maximum chaneels.
How long it will take to build my personal Brand?
Yes, You can Build Personal Brand within few days or few months. But it is a long process and you need to work on it on daily basis for life long. Because after making a good image in people’s mind it is necessary to maintain it. just like you charge your phone on daily basis.

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