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To leverage the power of social media, brands need to engage with their customers and have meaningful conversations. Unique Business Marketer a leading social media marketing agency helps you to interact with your audiences using owned, earned and paid media to captivate people, reinvent themselves and create powerful brand communities using social media business plan for your business.
Social media is a platform which lets you interact directly with your target audience. More than 30% of B2B marketers are spending millions of dollars each year on social media marketing. Now a days Social media Marketing is in high demand for individuals for personal Branding. We can do Social media on many different forms such as social networking, bookmarking, content, micro blogs and many more. Through Social Media Marketing You can enhance your brand’s visibility and reputation. Social media marketing is an ongoing activity, the purpose of which is to continuously engage with your customers.
Our social media marketing service ranges from providing consultation for your existing social media marketing strategy, building your social media marketing program from scratch, blog setup and optimization, building your profile on social media and defining customer engagement strategies to increase brand awareness and promote viral marketing for your products and services. We can work with your in-house marketing team to effectively integrate social media in your current marketing mix.
Connectivity that Never Dies only offers Higher Client Outreach. Social media has turned into a worldwide marketplace for each and every business and also for personal branding. The popularity of these platforms has grown more and more day by day, fading every other marketing impact! Social media marketing requires expertise, experience, and creativity to reach at right time and impact the clients. That is where social media service can help you in creating your own brand awareness using social media marketing.
We believe customers are interested in building relationships with your brand and engaging them with relevant and interesting content is the core to social media marketing that connects customers with your brand! They seek conversation and emotion with their brands! We do just that – relate your customers through interesting conversation to your brands and help them know you better from close quarters.

Social media marketing is all about...

There are 3 main things you need to do while using Social Media Marketing to grow your Business or your personal brand.

What We focus while making business plan (Social Media Marketing Strategy) for your business

We are ahmedabad's best Profitable Social Media Marketing Service as well as Consultation Providing Agency
for small business as well as for individuals with affordable Price.

figureout Goal and objective

Without figuring your Goal and Objective it is very difficult to make any strategy. in many cases i have seen that people are just doing but they don't know why they are doing this and where they want to reach by doing this. and with your specific goal it is very easy for you to measure the success and rOI (Return On Investment).

Competition analysis

this allows you to understand the correctness and mistakes of your competitor which helps you to make a more efficient strategy. Social listening tools allows you to know what's the expectation from you, your business and industry. this allows you to know the improvement in your strategy, plan product or service.

Select best social media channel

there are more than 65+ social media channel all over the world such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube etc. social media platforms helps you to connect with your audience to build your brand, drive traffic to your website and the most important thing is it also. helps to gain more trust in people. Every social media has different objective.

Branded look to profile

social media profile existence is not enough. appearance of your profile matters. your social profile should create an impression and convey your brand. it includes your profile handle(name), profile picture, cover photo, bio section and all other tabs and section, contact details, linking to other profile, content quality and frequency, audience targeting and all.

content research

your content research includes content type, content structure, content quality, keyword, hashtag, pain point of your audience, expectation of your audience, entertainment of your audience, presentation and many more. your content must be unique and original with the knowledge tadaka. there are many tools to research content such as buzzsumo.

Online Reputation Management

on the digital platforms, all the people are looking at you. Online Reputation Management is all about how you represent your brand on digital platforms? For this, you need to focus on what people are saying about your industry, brand, company, employee, product or services? how you communicate with them? How you address your brand as well as people talking about your concerns?

content calendar

it helps you to plan your marketing efforts around events or important dates in your industry or your region. it saves your time and reduces the risk of big mistakes. if you have planned earlier what type of piece of content you will post then it will give you a chance to focus on making higher quality content and the fruitful marketing strategy. it also reduces the work stress.

Creative Design

Effective graphic designs can catch user’s attention towards your product or services. And also provides supports for brand recognition. By increasing user’s attention on your social media it helps you to increase Brand awareness and it also helps you to increase your fan followers and their engagement. Different Social Media Platform has Different size so you have to make same designs in different size for different platforms.

Content distribution

Content Distribution is the game winning factor in the social media marketing ball game. It is very important to boosting awareness about your product and services, Gaining loyal Followers, and encouraging your content consumer to engage with your business. For higher engagement in your post, time of the publishing content is very important. With the help of content distribution tool you can produce your content at the right time.

Add campaign

Social media add campaign is a crucial marketing technique for any businesses. There are different types of social media ads such as image, video, slide show, carousel, Collection ads, dynamic ads, lead generation, and page like, page engagement, story ads and messenger ads. For all this ad campaigns there are different targeting options based on location, demographics, interest, behavior and connections.


retargeting is the highly effective marketing strategy. it is also known as remarketing. it is the online advertising format which helps you to take your brand in front of the bounced traffic. it is the process to reconnect with the users who already have visited your brand online on any of the platform. we can also say this process a "digital reminder".


social media audit is the process to evaluate and optimize your social media profiles. social media audit report catch your attention to your marketing efforts which you have put to achieve your business goal. it gives you the clear picture about what's working and what's not working in your strategy. so that you can get an idea about what can be improved.

Why Unique Business Marketer for your Social Media Marketing Service?

As the best Social Media Marketing Agency in Ahmedabad, We Unique Business Marketer Believe in Creativity, Reality and Uniqueness. We Not just write #BeReal #BeUnique and #BeCreative But we really mean it and we invest for it. and the most important thing we value our customer's money so first, we listen and understand the requirement of our client in depth and then we give them a tailor-made strategy instead of fix packages.
We understand the importance of relationship so we always believe in strong coordination and communication. Our First priority is to support our customer. So, we always available during working hours for our client for better communication and to solve their query.
Social Media Marketing is not just posting the social media on social profiles but there are lots of efforts you need to put for your online branding. For that, We do Advance planning for better result. and We do timely Audit to track the progress. and also, we always keep in touch with our client to discuss what is planned for the coming days. we always invest in the best tools for the best result. We use Tools for content Research, Creation, Distribution, Social Listening and many more.
Irrespective of what Product or Service you are dealing with and how big or small business you are running, we always help you to make your online branding Unique.

what out client says about unique business marketer

If I had to choose one word to describe Nirali at Unique Business Marketer it would be, “Always.” Always available, always professional, always on time, always budget-conscious, always conscientious, and always easy to work with. I was really impressed with their lightening quick understanding of our Services and ability to produce original, clever and meaningful posts….!!!!
She is very hardworking by nature..!!
Thanks for my all digital marketing works….!!! 5 star rating… *****

Dr. Vaibhav Patel
Dr. Vaibhav Patel (MBBS, DNB Ortho)
Owner and Founder of Ved Multispeciality Hospital

9 of Social Media Marketing’s Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why I need to do Social Media Marketing for my business?

One of the most important benefits is Social Media Platforms allows you to Engage with your Customers. Here you have a Huge Opportunity to create strong Awareness about your brand, product and service. Because here you can create as much as possible content and post it. In different platforms, you have the opportunity to create your content in different types such as text, audio, video infographics and many more.

How Do I get started?

To Start your Social Media Marketing We need to understand your Goal and Objective in Depth S, First, we need to do consultation then after we can Guide you what you can do. Because here too many things to do just posting content on social media is not only marketing. So, Give us a call on 7016486485 or send us a mail describing your requirements at [email protected] within 24 hours you will get a call from our side for the further discussion. Thank you.

Should I use every social media platforms for a better result?

No. Not at all. Creating Valuable Content is very tricky. it also time and money consuming task. if you have a low budget then you can start with one platform also. Because every social media platform will give you different result because you have a different audience on each social media platforms. and also the goal and objective of each social media are different. if you have a low budget then I suggest only invest in one platform and make your platform strong and unique.

What are the best Social media sites to start marketing with ?

There are more than 65 Social media sites available but if you are just starting you can start with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube. These sites can give you a tremendous result. Ask our Social Media Expert to how you can start this Channels With less Budget?

What are the Best Practices for Social Media?

There is Lot to do on Social Media Platforms. But the most important thing is that Quality of your Content. Instead of HD Video or Image, The Quality of your content is more important. And the Best Practices Includes your Posting-Frequency with Quality Content, Hashtag Research, Paid Advertisements, Webinars and many more.

If we wanna Do Marketing For Yourself How your agency can help us?

That can also be done. If you have a Very Less Budget or any other reason, and you wanna Do Social Media Marketing For Yourself, We will always help you. You need to purchase our Consultation service. We will give you a complete strategic plan and the list of useful tools. or you can buy our Digital Marketing Course. Learn from us in-depth and implement it on your profiles to grow your business.

As, I have low Budget and I only want only paid Advertisement, Then is it okay?

It’s Very Interesting Question I must say. There is no any restrictions from any social media platforms that what you must do it. But regular content posting helps you to create your best audience for free. and by the time you may be eligible for the other monetization options. another important thing is that if these platforms are providing you with the free opportunity to increase your brand awareness then why don’t you use it? I understand the importance of the budget, So, I will help you with this also how you can create great content with very less budget. For more information call us on +91 7016486485 or hit us a mail at [email protected]

How Long it will take to see the Results?

Well, it depends on what you are expecting. But if you are looking for connecting with your client and increase your brand visibility it may take 3 to 6 months minimum. But it doesn’t mean you will get zero results before this time frame. For more information, kindly contact us +91 7016486485, [email protected]

What is the best free advice you can give me for my social media marketing strategy?

I only say Create as much as possible content. at least once post a day. and use useful hashtags. for the free tips follow #uniquebusinessmarketer and to increase your reach use #iamuniquemarketer

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